Totally abandoned for decades, the village of Corricelli is a tiny settlement on the hills of Tuscany. In the recent past, Corricelli lived on a social and economic model of self-reliance, which has been almost completely eradicated from the italian culture as a consequence of the soaring consumption, caused by the massive industrial development and the economic growth after the Second World War.

The new era brought the entire population of Corricelli to the cities and left the village deserted.

The crisis we are now living has caused an afterthought about our current way of life and a renewed attention to the rural environment. Sustainable impact, organic farming, energy saving: these are only some of the expressions that have become familiar with the contemporaneity and with the so-called “green revolution”.

Since 2003 Corricelli has been brought to life again: the village is nowadays inhabitated by a group of people who live there with the common purpose of “easing their own ecological footprint”. The old stone houses of Corricelli are now getting restructured and the land is cultivated paying attention to sustainability and environmental ethics.

In collaboration with AFT- Archivio Fotografico Toscano