A trip through landscape and photography (2016 — ongoing)

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The term “trope” comes from the Greek word τρόπος (trópos).
A trópos is a recurring element.
A trópos is a motif in narrative. Yes, also in visual narrative.
A trópos is a cliché.

Everything can become a trópos, but each of them is not present as itself. It is there to direct to something else. A trópos keeps changing: that's what makes it always the same.

Tropographics is definitely not a series of beautiful pictures found by chance on the web. And it isn't either a collection of random weird scenes. This is instead our trip through landscape and photography, in search of tropes around the world.

We created a special online archive to show the whole research: The website will be constantly updated and expanded with new categories.

All images have been taken using Google Street View.